If your question isn’t in this FAQ, please feel free to email info@snatch.com

The beta test app is already available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can download and test it now by following the links at the bottom of our site. The official public release is planned for the 1st of September, 2019. From then, everyone in Singapore will be able to use the app and it will be visible to all on the App Store and Play Store.

No, a single app performs all functions in a convenient manner.

Our team regularly researches the market rates for each work category and continually updates for the latest hourly rates. Our rates are just a recommendation and customers still have the option of entering their own preferred rates.

As a work giver, you can make either cash payment or electronic payment through our app when the work you posted has been completed to your satisfaction. For electronic payment, the app automatically transfers your payment to the work seeker. We accept most major payments methods such as debit / credit cards. PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay will also be coming soon.

Upon satisfactory completion of work, your payment is automatically credited into your individual electronic wallet in the app. This money can be transferred to your personal bank account at anytime. If the work giver selected cash payment, you will receive cash directly from them.

We have a disputes feature which receives the highest priority from our support team in order to ensure that all transactions are fair.