Get stuff done, earn on the way

Types of community work offered by Snatch

Matching you to paid community errands and services

Seeking to make better use of your time earning more with your hobbies and passions? Wish to leverage upon regular talent abundantly available in the community? You’ve come to the right place! Snatch can help you achieve all these and more. 

Our platform connects you with localized work such as errands or community services in your vicinity. Using Snatch, you can find rated help or even earn more by the hour based on your personal interests and skills.

We strive towards a better tomorrow for all with more options for work in the community and easier avenues of getting assistance than anything currently available.

Snatch is not just a service, it’s a whole new mindset!


Local community

♦ Get help quickly

♦ Find convenient tasks

♦ Meet new neighbours

Auto matching

♦ Location-based matching

♦ Intelligent criteria & triggers

♦ Effortless platform

Easy payment

♦ eWallet and online transfers

♦ Pay after work completion

♦ Cash option available too

Rating system

♦ User reviews available

♦ Earn points for rewards

♦ Transparent service policies

Work givers
Work seekers
Work requests